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Crew Resumes is the largest world-wide Cast and Crew database developed, with over four hundred job titles designed for the hiring producer to find talent quickly. Time is money and people in production move fast. There are no ads, no job boards, and no fancy talk. Your profile is developed and designed to get attention and fit the needs of the producer or studio who needs to hire and replace a crew member fast, or prep for a job in another country. There is no middleman, just the producer searching and your profile page that will be searchable under your country, state, city, media platform, department, and job title.

If you work in both motion pictures and commercials, then you can be found in both. Or maybe you dance, and music videos is your platform, but you also are a personal assistant in film if given the chance? Do you work in different departments? Do you write and produce? Or act and direct? Are you a seamstress in Idaho who always wanted to work in the movie business but didn't know where to post your resume? Can you travel with a 48-hour notice? If so, Crew Resumes is for you.

Your profile page may be used as your webpage such as and allows each member to add every skill possible, loaded with information showing your multiple contacts, video links, IMDB links, social media links, webpages, agents, managers, attorney's, publicist's, genders, bios, mulitple resumes, all media platforms, and every department known to mankind. Choose from over four hundred job titles in the media and entertainment industry on every single media platform. Leave no question to the wonder, let the producers know what they need to know so they can make a decision fast.

About Pam

Pam Bouvier has been an industry professional in the media and entertainment industry for over 25 years. Her company in Los Angeles, California has cast hundreds of commercials, infomercials, television network promos, theatre and a decade of independent movies.

Pam has cast local, regional, and national commercial campaigns for Lowes, Ford, VW, Acura, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, McDonalds, Ford, Oldsmobile, VW, Tide, Sears, Walmart, Coca Cola, Petco, Sunkist, Nascar, Budweiser, eHarmony, Nike, Adidas, Colgate-Palmolive, Bank of America, QuickBooks, Miller Beer, FedEx, Goodyear Tires, Levi's 501, and hundreds more, including studio promos like Kangaroo Jack, Black X-Mas, Primeval, Movie Crashers, Wild Hogs, Enchanted, Spiderman and Pinocchio for networks like Warner Bros, Sony, Miramax, and Disney. Other networks include ABC, CBS, Disney, Discovery, Outdoor Channel, Weather Channel, Fuse TV, Lifetime, Animal Planet, WWE, and Europe Nickelodeon.

Pam's impressive resume includes Nu-Image/Millennium Films, BAC films/Les Films, de I’autre (France), Phase 4 Films, Circus Road Films, Big Deal Pictures, Mighty Girl Productions, Second Unit Services, Day Dreaming Pictures, Animals are People Too, Wanko Toys, Big Foot Entertainment, Orange Bird Productions, 2nd Nature Films, TCS Productions, Film Plus (Germany).

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